Stumble Upon Flock

I haven’t posted here for a bit and I realize it’s because I’ve been busy with things like work and reading a lot of feeds. Though I really like Netvibes, it has become something of a time vampire…

So, today while clicking around, reading blogs and such, I came across Flock a new web browser…and it’s web 2.0, dude! Well, I don’t know if it rains this weekend maybe I’ll look into it more this weekend. Seems intriguing, though I must admit, I’m easily intrigued.

While reading my former teacher Al Wasco’s blog I discovered Stumble Upon. Another way to waste time because instead of finishing your work and shutting off the computer to do things besides chatting, blogging or playing Bejeweled while Skyping your friend in the UK, you can spend countless hours with Stumble Upon an open invitation to hop down the rabbit hole and follow links aimlessly…it really is a blast !

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