Well, it seems that fortune is not smiling on designers in Cleveland who also happen to be major fans of Zappa. Helvetica, the movie about the font, is scheduled to screen at the Cleveland Cinematheque the same night as Zappa Plays Zappa comes to Cain Park. And of course, Michael Beirut is coming to the Cinematheque screening which is really the kicker since I had planned on skipping the film for the show but now I have reservations about that plan…I missed Dweezil and the gang when they performed last fall in Akron, so I really want to see them. But skipping out on the film and Michael Beirut really annoys me. Well, I have a few weeks ahead to decide on Plan B…

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  1. Just wanted to say that I did go to Zappa Plays Zappa and so missed Cleveland’s debut screening of Helvetica. Ahh, but the type gods are kind and fortunately for me the Cleveland Cinematheque is holding a second screening of Helvetica…a screening I can actually attend!

    Zappa Plays Zappa was nothing short of amazing. I never saw Frank when he was alive so I only have this show and the few times I’ve seen Project Object and Beer for Dolpins to compare. And even those don’t quite compare…Ike Willis is an amazing musician, singer and showman and Kenneally can nail every Zappa song with ease…but seeing Dweezil playing along to the recordings of Frank on stage was something I never expected. I should explain…Dweezil and the band played most of the set, but on a couple of songs Frank accompanied them via recording. I’m sure some thought that was hokey but it came as a surprise to me and I really liked it. It was definitely the best show of the year and I got to hang with Mik and my buddy Keith who I haven’t seen since the Papa John’s days.

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