Mohawk Paper 101, AIGA Atlanta, 2.29.08

This was a great AIGA event sponsored by Mohawk and Mac Papers. It was held at the Mac Papers Creative Design Center a great place to find not only Mohawk paper but a lot of others as well. As a newcomer to Atlanta, these events are a great way to meet and network with people in the design community. I also learn to find my way around Atlanta! I’m still not used to the SW and NW streets with identical names…

The Mac Papers Design Center—from what I could tell—is divided into three areas: a reception area and a lounge/paper salon with racks of paper sample books, refreshments and plenty of comfy seating, a room behind that lined with cubbyholes filled with paper and a cash register, and off to the left of the reception area a conference room set up auditorium style for presentations. I never made it back to the cubbyhole room with the cash register. I’m assuming it’s an area where you buy paper. The majority of our time was spent in the conference room where Rebecca Pilgrim from Mohawk Papers and Andrea Hill from Mac Papers gave presentations on paper manufacturing, various uses, paper treatments and the effects of paper manufacturing on the environment. Anymore, the environmental topic must be discussed. In the back of every environmentally conscious print designers mind is that much of his or her work ultimately ends up as garbage. On top of that, paper production is not exactly clean or earth friendly work. Having said that, Mohawk Papers has made moves towards becoming more environmentally safe and anyone concerned about this issue should check with their paper supplier. Earth friendly papers are popular, so they should be easy to find.

We had a tasty catered lunch where I talked with several designers. Interestingly, most were from the North. I loaded up with free paper sample books and by the time I was ready to leave my bag was visibly sagging and beginning to come apart from the weight. Fortunately, I made it out of there without any mishap and found my way back home.

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