Tom Waits: Glitter & Doom Tour @ The Fox Theater, ATL, 7.5.08

So, I can now cross-off on my list of things to do in life, “See Tom Waits live!” Living in Ohio for most of my life, I really didn’t think it would happen. I had the unfortunate luck of missing Tom at House of Blues Cleveland last year. I had simply forgotten to check one of my throw-away email accounts that was getting Ticketmaster updates and missed the pre-sale. So, of course, all the tickets were gone by the time I figured out what was going on (basically, I missed the pre-sale, logged-on to Ticketmaster the morning tickets went on sale publicly and was ready to go at 10am but my one attempt at exactly 10am was not good enough to get a single ticket!) And they were sold out from then on…unless you had $400 to shell out on eBay.

This time Tom did the right thing for the fans. You had to buy tickets online and bring the credit card you used to the venue to gain entry. We had good seats, not great. But the show was fantastic. Tom played songs spanning his career, even did a little poetry. Between songs he told jokes and odd stories. His two sons were with him on the tour, one was the drummer, the other came out and played bongos on a song or two. They looked very young and it occurred to me how strange it must be to have Tom Waits as your dad. Did he schedule this tour to coincide with the kids summer breaks so that they could be on the road with him? And what’s the road like with Tom and his two young boys? Questions I may never find answers to…

The Fox Theater is a beautiful venue. It’s theater seating which is comfy and the a/c cooled the place well. I’d recommend bringing binoculars though unless you’re seated right in front of the stage. And if you really need to get up a lot during the show, try to get an aisle seat, because the rows of seats are narrow and long, so if you’re in the middle of the row everyone will have to stand up to let you by.

The backup band was excellent. You can read a bit about them here. And if you want to get the Atlanta experience, you can get a stream of the show here.


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