Pogues @ The Tabernacle, ATL, 3.9.09

We wanted to see Shane. I think that was the case with most everybody at the show. And the man came through! I was surprised…McGowan made it through the set and sounded amazing. He’s still got the pipes. Of course, he was sloshing beer around a bit towards the end of the show, but I was impressed and it was one of the best shows I’ve seen. The Tabernacle was packed. So much so, that it was difficult to find a place to stand without security asking you to move. Which they asked us on several occasions. Mik and I ended up going to the floor and though it was sweaty, at least no one was asking us to move. Just slamming into us…but that’s fun.

The Tabernacle ran out of Guinness not long into the show. Maybe there was a bar somewhere in the joint that still had the black brew, but I didn’t see any. This is the second time I’ve been to a show where the venue has run out of beer. That’s a crime and, really, who the hell is in charge of stocking the booze at these joints? It would seem pretty simple to me: the Pogues are playing, stock shitloads of Guinness.

I can’t complain too much about the Tabernacle though. Lines for booze were long but the staff got through the crowd quickly. Unlike The Fox Theater where both shows I went to this summer had horrible lines at the bars and I missed a lot of both shows waiting in line for drinks. I suppose I could quit drinking…

The Pogues were tight. A closeup of the band would show their age, but they nailed every song. McGowan is the wildcard with this band and the key. Fortunately for us, the whole thing came together and it was a blast.

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