AT&T u-Verse…

I’ve had AT&T u-Verse for a couple of months now. My impressions…

  1. Pricey. Not entirely AT&T’s fault, since I did opt for the  AT&T u-Verse u200 Double Pack. Comes with (1) DVR unit and broadband. I upgraded the broadband to ELITE 6mbps downstream ($10/upgrade from standard) + (1) extra non-DVR unit ($7). That brings the grand total to $114. HD is another $10/mo. so I skimped on that. My total bill with taxes and such is $119 — more than I was paying with Comcast.
  2. Fast. I haven’t had a problem running 2 laptops over the WiFi. Even when streaming a movie from Netflix. Mind you, I haven’t done any diagnostics…this is just my impression.
  3. Wifi died on AT&T router. After a month, the radio on the router took a dump. Fortunately, I had another WiFi router to pick up the slack. It’s worked just fine with the other router broadcasting the WiFi. I did have to change some settings on the routers, but that wasn’t too difficult.
  4. Broadband tech service sucks. My mistake in dealing with the router problem mentioned above, was in calling AT&T’s customer service to help me with the problem. I explained the problem to the support guy over and over again and he just didn’t get it. He wasted a good hour of my time, after which I told him I’d fix it myself. I would advise checking the forums for any problems before calling tech support.
  5. DVR accessible by other receivers. I like that I can watch my recorded shows on the other TV that doesn’t have a DVR.
  6. No down time. Other than the WiFi problem, AT&T broadband has been stable at all times of the day. This helps because I work from home and telecommute often, and when I had Comcast it was always dropping out.

The reason I have AT&T is because Comcast could not/would not keep a consistent broadband connection. That’s it. I hate Comcast because customer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced and it dropped out ALL THE TIME. It’s understandable for the service to be out once or twice a year (or if there is a major storm or something), but unforgiveable for it to happen several times a month.

So, all in all, I recommend using AT&T over Comcast (if you’re in Atlanta and AT&T u-Verse is available). If you’re in Cincinnati or Cleveland, get the best deal you can from Time Warner or Cox. I had no problems with either service, tech support actually knew what they were doing and they fixed any problem I had. Those 2 are probably offering cheaper deals than AT&T, so tell them you’re considering AT&T u-Verse and they’ll give you a good rate.

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