Bad Apple…

I just realized that the Adobe products for the Mac will not open as separate applications in dual monitors but are always tied to the top menu bar. I probably haven’t explained this properly but try this:

1. Lauch Photoshop and Dreamweaver on your Mac.
2. Move Photoshop to your right monitor.*
3. I’m assuming your left monitor is the main.
4. Go into Photoshop and build a web comp. or wireframe.**

Notice anything funny going on? File, Edit, Image, Layer, etc., all these lovely menu items are stuck to the top of the main monitor. Isn’t it fun running the mouse all the way over across the 2 screens to select one of these menu items?

On the PC you can drag the entire application to it’s own monitor. This is great when you are buidling a website – put PS on one side and Dreamweaver on the other. I should probably learn more keystrokes to bypass this issue but instead I’ll go on using the PC for now.

* Fun times.
** By now you’ve no doubt figured out the problem.